Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 22.07.44Gemalto has launched the Sealys Premium inlays and eCovers for electronic passports, a new innovative solution that delivers more flexibility in their bookbinding operations, as well as enhanced aesthetic qualities. Unique to Gemalto, Sealys Premium inlays and eCovers will enable national printers to optimize the efficiency of their manufacturing processes whilst creating ePassports that are thinner, flatter and more visually appealing. The new inlays and eCovers passed and exceeded ICAO durability tests.

Gemalto’s ultra-thin Sealys Premium inlays and eCovers are marrying the durability of a synthetic film to the thinness of paper. Booklets that fold and lie completely flat can therefore be manufactured with the highest possible standards of productivity. In addition, the new inlay is more resistant to delamination, a classic means of attack by those seeking to remove or tamper with the microprocessor.
As the world’s leading supplier of ePassport solutions for over 30 national programs worldwide, we have been able to continually enhance our products, processes and configurations over the past decade,” said said Youzec Kurp, Vice President of Marketing & Products, Government Programs at Gemalto.Sealys Premium inlays and eCovers are the result of these efforts – a genuine breakthrough that maximizes and integrates all the attributes required in an ePassport, highest security, durability and aesthetics.

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