Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 15.33.20Identiv won the 2014 GSN Award for the Best Physical/Logical Privileged Access Solution. This award comes for Identiv’s work with San Diego International Airport (SDIA). Identiv provided integrated premises access and security for SDIA’s newly redesigned Terminal 2, also known as “The Green Build” for its focus on environmental sustainability.

“We are honored to be recognized for providing the high-assurance integrated premises access and security solution for San Diego International Airport’s new Terminal 2,” said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO. “Airport security is obviously critical and entry points are a key area of attack. Identiv’s premises solution provides high security with strong levels of identity verification to controlled and restricted areas, as evidenced by our extensive government customer list, including airports, federal and state agencies, courthouses as well as San Diego International Airport.”

A distinguished panel of judges selected Identiv’s program with SDIA as an example of a partnership that provides invaluable security technology to an airport. Identiv and SDIA have partnered for nearly 16 years, with the Identiv access control system growing with the airport to meet its evolving security needs. The access control system complies with all relevant federal requirements and technology standards and supports pre-hire clearance of airport workers.
Identiv’s premises solution secures more than 200 key entry points and restricted areas at the new terminal, which is used by 10,000 airline and airport employees and contractors, with ten new gates, enabling the airport to move up to four million additional passengers a year. The solution enables a range of authentication methods including ID cards, smart cards, PIN codes and biometrics. Security management software provides centralized control and monitoring of all access points, integrates with third-party video and relays information from the access control subsystem to SDIA’s high-level command and control system, alerting airport management to any access control events.

Our customers recognize the need to strengthen access control and Identiv is focused on creating a platform for enabling strong identity across both premises and information access,” Hart added.

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