Mikron HQ in Zelenograd, Russia
Mikron HQ in Zelenograd, Russia

The Silicon Trust Board is delighted to welcome JSC MIKRON as a new partner in the program.

MIKRON was founded in 1964. With main activities in semiconductor manufacturing (Power Management Products and RFID) MIKRON is an important player within the financial strong industrial group of JSFC SISTEMA. MIKRON has about 1600 employees and is with a capacity of 50 Mio inlays and labels per month and a chip capacity of about 100 Mio per month the largest RFID manufacturer in Europe. Major activities are within the RFID and Industrial/Consumer market. Joint Venture and cooperation for technology will secure strong standing within the fast growing future market. In 2012 the company opened Mikron GmbH /Munich to serve the market in EMEA and the US.


Today MIKRON has 3 fabs and several sales offices, as well as assembly houses in China:

Back end production

• Shenzhen (China): Assembling facilities for power management ICs and discrete semi- conductor devices

• Zelenograd (Russia): RFID assembling and personalization facilities for plastic and pa- per chip cards and tags

Front end production

• 8” production line in Zelenograd (Moscow, Russia): CMOS with embedded NVM 180 and 90nm for smart card ICs, RFID and logic.

• 6” production line, Bipolar for power management ICs,Planar for Schottky diodes and 4” for TVS+FREDs



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