swisspassAs the mandated authority for the public transport sector, the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) has awarded Trüb AG the contract for the production and personalization of the new “SwissPass”. The SwissPass is a smart card with an integrated chip, which stores the customer’s ID number. When the customers hold their SwissPass up to the reader of a ticket collector or a sales assistant, the tickets and other services are displayed. Season tickets, half-fare cards and network subscriptions can be integrated as a first step. Trüb AG produces the cards, personalizes them and then sends them directly to the cardholders. The SwissPass will be introduced in the second half of 2015.

SwissPass – the new mobility card for Switzerland
The SwissPass uses proven RFID chip technology for contactless transactions.
Only the first name, surname, customer number and a photo of the traveler are printed on the card. Public transport subscriptions or other services provided by partner companies are visible when the card is inspected using a reader. No tickets are stored on the chip itself. This means that the card meets the requirements of Swiss data protection.

Bernd Nagel, Project Manager of SwissPass at SBB, adds: “We found that what Trüb AG was able to offer us in terms of quality and performance was what impressed us the most. That notwithstanding, the company has a very high level of expertise and extensive experience with complex, secure card solutions. The fact that with Trüb AG we were also able to consider a Swiss SME, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of identity and bank card solutions and which has created numerous jobs in Switzerland over the past 20 years, pleased us all the more.

Public transport organizations will be issuing the SwissPass in the second half of 2015 for season tickets, half-fare passes, and network subscriptions, and more tickets will be added gradually later on.
It is already estimated that more service providers will be adding their mobility services to the SwissPass, including PubliBike, SwitzerlandMobility, various Swiss ski resorts and Mobility Carsharing.

Fernando Dal Zotto, CEO of Trüb AG, is very pleased to have been awarded this contract: “Winning this contract has been a milestone in our company history. It is an honor for Trüb to fulfill this contract in the service of Switzerland’s public transport organization. Our project team and our employees are looking forward to realizing this important Swiss contract in their usual professional and dedicated manner.”.

A Swiss card for Swiss public transport
The new public transport card, the SwissPass, is produced and personalized by Trüb in Aarau/Unterentfelden, then sent directly to the cardholders.

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