HIDHID Global has expanded its pivCLASS® product portfolio with an extensive family of credential authentication solutions that enables customers to comply with government physical access control mandates.  The pivCLASS suite now incorporates a comprehensive family of software solutions from Codebench, part of HID Global, with HID’s pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM),  readers and credentials that offer a complete solution for end-to-end compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive -12 (HSPD-12) and FIPS 201 to PIV-enable a physical access control system (PACS). 

The pivCLASS Government Solutions portfolio supports credential verification of FIPS 201-based credentials (PIV, PIV-I, CAC, CIV, TWIC, FRAC) and physical access control registration into more than 30 different PACS head end products.  The portfolio enables government agencies to comply with FIPS 201 requirements by leveraging their existing technology and eliminating the need to rip and replace existing systems. pivCLASS now includes a complete range of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) registration, verification and reader products, allowing  government agencies to use PIV-enabled cards for strong public key infrastructure (PKI)-based validation for physical access control.
With the latest additions to our pivCLASS portfolio, HID Global provides a single source for government agencies to upgrade their existing physical access control systems with PIV capabilities,” said John Fenske, vice president of product marketing, Physical Access Control with HID Global.As the industry’s first comprehensive FIPS 201-compliant solution for migrating to PIV, pivCLASS makes it easy for agencies to meet compliance requirements, and implement higher security by enabling a phased deployment approach that meets their security and budgetary needs.
The portfolio includes pivCLASS hardware and software solutions that can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to create a complete PIV-enabled access control system. The integrated product family includes:


  • pivCLASS Validation Workstation:  Enables compliance officers to verify cardholders’ identities and validate the cards’ revocation status.
  • pivCLASS Registration Engine:  Allows customers to validate and authenticate FIPS 201 cards, harvest the cardholder data and register the data into a supported physical access control system.
  • pivCLASS Certificate Manager:  Re-validates the harvested certificates after registration and can suspend credential in the PACS if the certificate has been revoked by the agency that issued it.
  • pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM): A small embedded computer with pre-loaded, updatable firmware that can be installed between readers and the existing PACS panel. PAMs conduct PIV cardholder credential validation as cards are presented to readers.
  • pivCLASS Reader Services:  Configures the authentication level to be used with each PAM.
  • pivCLASS IDPublisher™:  Imports credentials from an identity management system (IDMS), card management system (CMS), human resources database, or other authoritative sources and provisions credentials into a PACS database.
  • pivCLASS MultiPACS™:  Concurrently registers identification credentials into multiple similar or disparate PACS.
  • pivCLASS Reader Family:  Supports PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC, iCLASS®, HID Prox. Authentication modes (CHUID, CAK, PIV+PIN, BIO, CHUID+BIO, CAK+BIO) can be executed in conjunction with the PAM to meet any security assurance level.
  • pivCLASS Credentials: Dual interface smart cards for FIPS 201 deployments used for combined logical and physical access.

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