Gemalto is to deliver its Sealys electronic driving license to Imprimerie Nationale, the French public printing office, as part of a multi-year contract. Gemalto’s secure embedded software will allow the polycarbonate driving license incorporating a microprocessor to be read and verified via a contactless reader. Imprimerie Nationale also selected Gemalto’s Coesys Issuance solution to personalize the new eDocument in-house.

Gemalto has been entrusted by Imprimerie Nationale to implement secure personalization solutions since 2008, supporting Imprimerie Nationale with the issuance of ePassports and eResident permits to its citizens and residents.

The new French electronic driving license is replacing the traditional paper document, helping to combat fraud whilst maintaining robust protection of personal information. An estimated 5 to 10% counterfeit driving licenses are believed to be in circulation in France1Didier Trutt, CEO of Imprimerie Nationale, commented: “Gemalto demonstrated its ability to handle the supply of key subsystems to Imprimerie Nationale notably when Imprimerie Nationale deployed the French electronic passport back in 2008. With this high level of confidence and past investment, we will again harness Gemalto’s Coesys Issuance solution to personalize the electronic driving licenses.”

As part of an EU-wide program to establish a standard document across all EU countries, all driving licenses issued and renewed in France will utilize the new design as of September 16, 2013. Imprimerie Nationale is responsible for designing the system, operating the production and personalization of the cards, and chose Gemalto as a key supplier of electronic ID subsystems.

The Sealys e-driving license will securely store the personal details printed on the permit, allowing the police to quickly and efficiently authenticate the identity of the license holder. Over time, it offers the potential to transform the new French driving license into a multi-application smart card that can incorporate additional permit-related services, such as tracking of driving permits and insurance, tax and vehicle certification details. In addition, it could be used to enable secure access to rental or pool vehicles via fully automated terminals.

The electronic driving license developed by Imprimerie Nationale immediately provides French authorities with a powerful tool to protect identities and to reduce administrative and fraud costs,” added Frédéric Trojani, Senior Vice President of Government Programs at Gemalto.In addition, similar programs have been effective in other countries in compelling drivers and vehicle owners to be more accountable for their actions, resulting in more responsible driving habits and fewer accidents.”

1) Source « L’usurpation d’Identité » Guy de Felcourt, CNRS éditions – Juillet 2011.


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