Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 09.42.44The Silicon Trust Executive Board is delighted to welcome Rolic Technologies as  new partner in the Silicon Trust Program.

Rolic Technologies Ltd. is an innovative Swiss high-tech company headquartered in Allschwil (Basel). Rolic modifies surfaces on a nano scale with polarized light to achieve unique optical effects and to manage light. New industry standards were set for LCD TVs, forgery-proof security devices and efficient OLED lighting products. Highly skilled staff and leading scientists in the Swiss headquarter continually develop, refine and extend Rolic’s proprietary core technologies. The subsidiary Rolic Technologies B.V. (Eindhoven, Netherlands) engineers industrial solutions for the global customer basis. Three business units (Display, Security and Organic Electronics) are constantly serving their industries with new innovative solutions for efficient production processes and improved consumer products.

Rolic’s roots lie in the liquid crystal laboratories of the Swiss health care company Roche. The latter outsourced
the company as a spin-off. Since 1996 Rolic is privately owned and has successfully gained footholds in
international markets.
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