Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 13.46.47From now on, German bank customers can use their new ID cards to withdraw cash free of charge. The first cash machine to use the new ID card and the online ID function has now been installed in the Bundesdruckerei lobby at Kommandantenstrasse.

The ATM required for these transactions supports withdrawal by online ID authentication and was developed jointly by Bundesdruckerei GmbH, IT service provider XCOM AG and biw Bank für Investments and Wertpapiere AG. The ATM, which accepts the new German ID card as an alternative to a debit card, is located in Bundesdruckerei’s lobby at its Kommandantenstrasse premises in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

As a top provider of innovative secure identity solutions, we are now applying the new cash withdrawal service to demonstrate that the new German ID card enables trend-setting and innovative applications“, as Bundesdruckerei CEO Ulrich Hamann explained. “I invite you to try the free-of-charge cash withdrawal service at our ATM using your ID card and ID card PIN.

ID card instead of credit or debit card

The concept of withdrawing cash using the ID card was a highlight at this year’s CeBIT in Hanover already and attracted the interest of a lot of visitors. Holders of the new German ID card who opted for activation of the online ID function can now withdraw cash free of charge from this ATM using a six-digit authentication PIN. It is not necessary to have an account at biw AG. Customers wishing to use these cash services have to first register at the ATM and enter their account data as well as their six-digit ID card PIN. In the course of the registration procedure, biw Bank is granted direct debit authorisation for the customer’s account. After this, the ID card PIN has to be entered every time the customer withdraws cash and biw Bank debits the withdrawn amount to the customer’s account. The ATM software was developed by LM Software GmbH.
Planned installation of more “ID Card ATMs” at other locations
The service of using an ID card instead of a debit card or credit card is to be supported at other locations in the future.

At present, there are hard-and-fast plans to integrate the online ID function as a standard feature in later ATM series. biw Bank is cooperating with various manufacturers on ways of implementing these plans. In the second half of this year, the bank will be gradually setting up additional ATMs with ID card authentication in other parts of Germany or will start operating such ATMs in cooperation with its partners“, Dirk Franzmeyer, member of the board of biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG, announced.

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