Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 10.17.26Oberthur Technologies has successfully delivered of a turnkey eGovernment solution including an electronic national ID card and a complete ID system to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Oberthur Technologies’ solution includes enrolment equipment, electronic secure document manufacturing, personalisation system, PKI¹ including certificate management and issuance and finally a Card Management System. Thanks to this strong and complex CMS at the heart of the solution, the Swedish Tax Agency is able to order personalised smart cards via a web service managed by Oberthur Technologies. In addition, Oberthur Technologies offers a set of associated services such as integration, support, maintenance, quality control, Tax Agency staff training, revocation hotline phone service and customer support.

The national ID card proposed by Oberthur Technologies is the most secure card in the world incorporating high-end security printing features, a strong polycarbonate card body and new element, the ID-One™ Sky Clear with a secure asymmetric transparent window. The card is based on advanced technologies with a contact interface and is compliant with the European standard IAS-ECC².

The Swedish electronic national ID card has various applications for online and offline identification: for example in the health sector, it enables collection of prescription medication from the pharmacy; in banking, it enables in-store payment by credit card and other banking transactions. Furthermore, many public and local authorities as well as companies, offer e-services that require the eID card, for online authentication and electronic signature for identity control.
“The Swedish Tax Agency launched an open international tender with major leading-edge suppliers, and Oberthur Technologies was selected for the best secure national ID card and full ID system. Thanks to its expertise in program management and despite a short deadline Oberthur Technologies, as a key system supplier in identity sector, can deliver the electronic national ID cards and the full system to the Swedish citizen on time“, said Olivier PRESTEL, Managing Director Identity Business Unit at Oberthur Technologies. 
Oberthur Technologies will provide 500 000 cards over four years, and started with delivery of the first card on April 2nd, 2013.

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