Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 09.39.56Fujitsu announced that it is partnering with Silicon Trust partner charismathics to incorporate its PKI middleware product range into the Fujitsu line of network scanners. The integration provides an enhanced level of identity management security, specifically for government organizations, utilizing the “Personal Identity Verification” (PIV) and “Common Access Card” (CAC) solution for their document collaboration capabilities.

Not only is meeting the stringent infrastructure and security requirements associated with government entities a focus for Fujitsu, but also making sure that deploying a simple network scanning strategy is just as critical. Moreover, many of these government organizations require the use of smart cards for user authentication, including military personal, Selected Reserve, and Department of Defense civilian employees, with the US Government being one of the largest issuers of smart cards around the world. The Fujitsu network scanners, including the Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 and ScanSnap fi-6010N, now provide all these tools and capabilities in one document imaging solution, in addition to helping improve business process management and efficiency and reduce overall workplace costs, based on a NIST certified and FIPS 201 evaluated product.

“charismathics has provided its security solutions to government organizations and providers for many years and has its fingers on the pulse of the industry’s evolving standards and demands and that is reflected in its product offerings,” said Scott Francis, senior vice president of marketing, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “Combining its PKI middleware solutions with Fujitsu’s network scanners truly provides our customers with the most secure, flexible, single sign-on document imaging solution on the market.”
“Our Common Access Card solution allows users such as military personnel to securely access devices by simply inserting a smart card and entering a PIN identification number,” said Sven Gossel, CEO of charismathics Inc. “It sounds simple to use and it is. But at the same time it gives products, such as the Fujitsu network scanners, the enhanced security measures and compatibility they need to integrate into a government IT environment.”

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