Copyright: Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Copyright: Bundesdruckerei GmbH

At this year’s CeBIT fair from 5 to 9 March in Hanover, Bundesdruckerei will present its solutions and ideas for full ID management. Visitors to the “City of IDeas” (booth C18) in hall 7 of the Public Sector Parc will see for themselves how data can be exchanged in a trustworthy manner – in everyday life, while travelling and on the Internet. The applications on show are designed for the fields of Mobility, Government and Business. Bundesdruckerei will also offer visitors an insight into ID card production by demonstrating at the booth how security features on ID cards can be verified using the latest technology.
ID card as an alternative to the EC card
Together with partners XCOM AG and biw AG, Bundesdruckerei has delivered on its promise from last year: For the first time ever, visitors to Bundesdruckerei’s booth can use their ID cards and six-digit ID card PIN to withdraw money from a cash machine. biw Bank will then directly debit the amount withdrawn to the visitor’s reference account. The German ID card with an active online ID function serves as proof of identity.
Signing online and loading certificates
Soon it will be possible to sign online using the new German ID card. All of the steps needed here have been combined in the sign-me web app developed by Bundesdruckerei. After the pilot phase, public agencies and other online service providers will be able to integrate sign-me into their Internet portals so that contracts requiring a personal signature can be concluded online. The necessary signature certificates are available directly on the online portal. Bundesdruckerei offers these certificates with different periods of validity – from five minutes for a once-off online signature, to up to four years for regular online signing – and no additional signature software is necessary.
Efficient processes in the smart electricity grid
When it comes to the smart metering future scenario, Bundesdruckerei acts as a trusted service manager and in this way ensures the secure transmission of data between end users and utilities. Electricity customers will soon be able to use their ID card to prove their identity on a utility’s website, to sign contracts online and to control electricity consumption using smart systems.
Self-service terminals speed up administration processes
For public agencies, the new German ID card is the key to 
state-of-the-art services for citizens: With this card, the applicants themselves can enter biographical and biometric data at self-service terminals in order to apply for official ID documents. The data is entered via a keyboard or a reading device which reads the data stored on the security chip of the ID card and forwards this data to the government system. An officer then processes the application as usual. Data capture by citizens reduces the workload for public agency staff and hence the time citizens have to wait.
Secure login with one-time password
An innovation from Bundesdruckerei is the contactless security smart card with one-time password which supplements a static PIN with a dynamic PIN. The holder receives a defined (static) PIN together with the card. Each time the display smart card is used, it interacts with a reader or NFC-enabled smart phone in order to generate a dynamic PIN supplement. Secure login into company networks is only possible after the static PIN plus the dynamic PIN supplement have been entered. The advantage of this solution is that unauthorised use of a previously spied-out PIN is not possible because the display smart card with the dynamic PIN supplement is additionally required. This technology can be used for office ID cards or EC cards.

The VISOCORE® Border Control Platform from Bundesdruckerei is the key to efficient procedures at borders. This system allows border control officers to flexibly adapt control rules, to expand them and to add and omit rules, for instance, due to special security situations. Fully automated procedures at self-service terminals and mobile checks are also possible. Using additional solutions from the VISOCORE® product group, forged ID documents can be reliably identified.


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