Gemalto has delivered over 25 million e-Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle Registration Certificates to India. The company has been providing these Sealys secure e-documents to multiple states across India since 2003.

The Sealys smart card solution combines with the automation of business processes at decentralized regional transport offices and state level transport registers. This enables the Indian government to consolidate driver and vehicle registration information across the population in a central repository, improving the administrative efficiency of the transport authority and other government departments.

The secure e-documents contain a microprocessor that securely stores the driver or vehicle’s data. The
e-Driver’s License enables on-the-fly verification of driving credentials by authorities and prevents identity theft. The Vehicle Registration Certificate contains statutory data about the vehicle, such as its registration, owner, insurance and pollution control certificate. The smart card technology also helps the government handle interstate vehicle movement, resulting in improved service access and quality of service to drivers.

This milestone reaffirms Gemalto’s commitment to India, our local expertise and high level of quality and service in the domain of secure documents,” said Ng Fook Seng, Asia Senior Vice-President of the Security Business Unit at Gemalto. “We look forward to furthering this long term relation to provide secure e-documents for all of India’s drivers and vehicle owners.

The e-Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration Certificates in India utilizes the Smart Card Operating System for Transport Applications (SCOSTA) standard. Together with the Indian government and industry, Gemalto played a key role in defining the standard.

Gemalto has over 17 years of experience serving the Indian market and has played a significant role in various national and private projects. Secure solutions for mobile financial services, smart banking cards used for EMV and advanced PKI cards for logical access to IT and cloud services together with identity verification are some of the solutions deployed by Gemalto in India. With its global technological leadership and expertise in the security requirements of fast-developing economies, Gemalto is ideally placed to meet the digital security needs of the Indian government, corporations and citizens.

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