Trüb launches an ultra thin polycarbonate datapage with integrated chip module. Passport booklets with the novel datapage 600e feature improved performance regarding handling and material flexibility. 

With a thickness close to 600 micrometers, the datapage is less thick than state-of-the-art products and significantly thinner than the maximum value of 900 micrometers specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO. The contactless chip module and the copper wire antenna are integrated into the card body. This results in a superior performance and mechanical protection of the electronic component. The datapage 600e includes a large range of security elements and is designed for implementing Trüb’s newest security elements tru/vision™ and tru/window™ LOCK. Laser engraving is applied for optical document personalization. Outstanding mechanical robustness and strong fraud resistance are of key importance for identification documents. These requirements are fully met by the datapage 600e since all polycarbonate documents from Trüb are fused under heat and pressure without the use of adhesives.

The world’s thinnest datapage for biometric passports will be presented at the ‘Cartes & Identification’ exhibition held in Paris from 6 to 8 November, 2012.

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