With the  win of the Republic of Serbia contract, Trüb strengthens its market leadership for digital tachograph solutions, now delivering such solutions to thirteen countries worldwide. The tachograph cards from Trüb are made of polycarbonate and equipped with a chip. Since the introduction of digital tachographs in 2004, Trüb has supplied more than 3 million smart cards.

The central elements of the digital tachograph system are the vehicle unit, the motion sensor and four different smart cards: driver card, company card, workshop card and control card. The latter contain individual keys and certificates for secured access to the data and functionalities of the vehicle unit. The system records periods of work, motion and rest, as well as vehicle speed and the distance covered. Disruptions and events (e.g. inspection, calibration, etc.) are likewise recorded. The data can be shown on the display of the vehicle unit or printed using the integrated printer.

Trüb’s tachograph smart cards are made from polycarbonate and equipped with a chip storing holder data as well as PKI certificates. Trüb’s scope includes manufacturing tachograph smart cards and, depending on the country, data preparation, card personalisation and lettershop services. Trüb has also implemented custom-made solutions in various countries for card personalisation based on Trüb’s own personalisation software solution, TrackStar®. In October 2012, Trüb introduces with tru/cos™ tacho the first certified tachograph operating system complying with the latest protection profile (PP-0070) as defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Germany, Finland and Estonia were among Trüb AG’s first customers in 2004. With the Republic of Serbia, Trüb AG now supplies 13 countries with tachograph solutions and strengthens its leading position. As of today the company has produced over 3 million tachograph smart cards

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