Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID, the new Ingenico division dedicated to security solutions and terminals for e-health and electronic identity (e-ID) systems, is announcing the launch of its new range of iHC terminals. Leading provider of e-Health security solutions in Europe and number one in Germany and in France since the purchase of XIRING, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID provides healthcare professionals with a range of embedded software and terminals fully adapted to suit their needs.

For each different use, there is a corresponding iHC solution.
The technology platforms behind XIRING’s success in France, in particular the Prium-3S and Vital’ACT-3S, and those occupying the number 1 position in Germany are now integrated into the iHC product range covering desktop and mobile, autonomous and network solutions. This specialised range of products enables us to respond to e-Health projects in Europe and throughout the world, with priority given to European countries working on a national programme, which is often inspired by French or German technology. Due to its leadership on these two markets, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID has become an essential partner in supporting governments in their programmes.
This launch is also an occasion to introduce two new solutions, the iHC200 and the iHC600.
As a counter or desktop solution, the iHC600 is a dual-slot smart card terminal connected to a healthcare professional’s workstation via USB. Both weighted down and compact, this terminal enables its users to single-handedly insert and remove patient cards while complying with the user’s space restrictions. Equipped with a keypad and graphics LCD display, it is perfectly suited for use with a single card system (patient card) or a dual card (patient and healthcare professional cards) system, thus processing security operations such as user authentication or transaction signatures. This mode of operation is fundamental for dematerialised invoicing systems (with the creation of electronic medical claim forms), electronic medical records or patient files (where the professional must receive patient consent to access his/her medical file online and sign the medical examinations entered therein) and electronic prescription files (where the patient card acts as an access key to an online prescription shared by different healthcare professionals). Optimised for e-Health systems, the iHC600 offers a simple and efficient solution at a low cost.
As a mobile solution, the iHC200 benefits from technological properties similar to those of the iHC600 but in a portable format. Lightweight (125g) and compact, it can be transported in a pocket and read patient cards and perform secure invoicing operations for medical examinations conducted outside of the healthcare facility using professional cards and personal cards. The iHC200 is the simple, lightweight solution for performing e-Health transactions during home visits.
Georges Liberman, executive vice-president responsible for the Healthcare/e-ID Division, stated that:
“After setting up Healthcare/e-ID activities last February, the launch of a comprehensive product range is the second step in deploying the Ingenico Group’s strategy in this field. This range of products and solutions is now accessible throughout the world and will help building integrated solutions in countries launching an e-Health programme implementing all of our expertise in this field“.

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