orthographic map of Burkina Faso.
orthographic map of Burkina Faso. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gemalto announces that its comprehensive Coesys enrolment solution has been selected to securely register citizens for Burkina Faso’s upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections to be held on December 2, 2012.

Gemalto is providing CENI, the Independent National Electoral Commission in charge of the project, with thousands of Coesys mobile enrolment stations across the country to build up a trusted and secure voter registry. The solution will help CENI achieve their goal to more than double the number of registered voters in 2012.
Gemalto’s Coesys mobile enrolment station is an all-in-one integrated, portable registration solution that captures citizens’ demographic data, digital photograph, fingerprints and signature in a robust and easy-to-transport field-case. This complete and fully operational system incorporates all devices and resources necessary for mobile registration campaigns, including the fingerprint scanner and associated software. This solution allows for decentralized enrolment service and makes it convenient for authorities to reach out to large numbers of citizens very quickly, avoiding the need to travel long distances to enrol. 
The solution integrates an AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) fingerprint matching capability, which guarantees the identity’s uniqueness of each entry on the voter registry. The contract also includes the training of instructors to enable some 7,000 officers to perform the enrolment process using the mobile station.


We need a trusted partner for this strategic program and Gemalto has the vast experience in both similarly large scale projects around the world and in voter registration programs in Africa. The solution was delivered in record time and we strongly believe that their field proven, cutting edge mobile enrolment technology will help us in creating a reliable voter’s list recognized by the political arena and citizens. The new list will bring the December 2, 2012 elections ever closer to the people directly,” said Barthélemy Kéré, President of CENI.

CENI’s efforts to reach out to the entire voting population of Burkina Faso required a solution that could be deployed quickly, collect the required citizens’ data on the spot and deliver voting cards immediately. Our solution sets the security foundations required for this crucial enrolment phase and improves the transparency of the voters’ registration process,” added Jacques Seneca, Executive Vice President, Gemalto. 

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