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M2SYS Technology announced the release of its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) solution. It is designed to allow governments and private enterprises the ability to store, search, retrieve, process, and edit biometric data and subject records.

Building on its experience of offering biometric solutions for a myriad of vertical markets around the world, the M2SYS AFIS biometric system is built on a multi-modal architecture which combines fingerprint matching with iris, facial recognition or palm prints. 

Offering the mobility to work with server hardware or as a packaged AFIS biometric system that will run on a regular PC, the M2SYS AFIS system is capable of supporting biometric databases in the tens of thousands at a local level to millions of templates at a national level.  The system is an ideal solution for:

  • Border Control
  • Voter Registration
  • Latent Print Matching
  • National ID Cards, Driving Licenses
  • ePassports
  • Public Safety/Criminal Management

The M2SYS AFIS biometric system includes a powerful de-duplication engine to eliminate duplicate entries at the time of enrollment, ensuring that a unique identity is assigned to each person within the database. End users can also leverage the M2SYS hyper-threaded, one-to-many ABIS biometric system architecture by clustering servers to search databases of 200 million iris templates or 100 million fingerprint templates per second. The system also includes support for a built in, high-speed facial recognition system.

Our AFIS solution is a comprehensive, affordable biometric system that can be used for governmental criminal identification initiatives or large-scale civil identification projects, such as elections, welfare/pension distribution, and driver licensing,” said Mizan Rahman, Founder and CEO of M2SYS Technology.AFIS applications have transcended law enforcement and are now useful in many areas. Whether it’s a forensic technician looking to enhance latent prints for analysis and matching or a government seeking to launch a biometric voter registration initiative, the M2SYS AFIS biometric system is a complete toolkit for your needs. We can even build a custom solution to match any unique circumstances.

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