In an EU-supervised tender aiming at increasing security and quality of passports issued by the Republic of Moldova, Speed Identity has supplied both biometric data capture stations and fingerprint readers to the Moldovan Ministry of Interior.

Speed Identity supplied 35 Speed Capture stations and 200 fingerprint readers to the system integrator, who made final deliveries of a complete passport enrollment system to the Moldovan Ministry of Interior.

As part of the EU programme, countries with high volumes of people entering the EU, receive support in project management, know-how and financing by the EU in establishing reliable, high-security ID documents for travel. The new e-passports of the Republic of Moldova now include digital, ICAO-compliant facial photos and fingerprints, as well as a number of other document security features to prevent forgery and the creation of false identities. 

The Speed Identity SCL1000 (Speed Capture Light station), is a proven all integrated solution for instant live capture of facial photos, fingerprints and digital signatures. It has been in use with national authorities in Luxembourg and Sweden since 2008, in both mobile and fix-mount applications. The Speed Capture API has enabled the systems integrator to easily develop a customized enrollment workflow application controlling all features of the capture system, from data acquisition and photographic illumination, to data quality control and file output.

This is an important project where Speed Identity, being the expert partner, contributes in upgrading a non-EU country to comply with EU and ICAO regulations for travel document security. Key factors were on-time delivery combined with a successful co-op with the systems integrator in systems integration and implementation. Normally such projects require a period of fine-tuning the system after implementation, but we have confirmations from the end user that also the deployment phase went very smoothly,” says Mr. Magnus Lofgren, CEO, Speed Identity.

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