The Annual General Meeting of Infineon Technologies AG resolved payment of a dividend of Euro 0.12 per share. This means the company is paying a total of about Euro 130 million to its shareholders for the 2011 fiscal year – 20 percent more than in the previous year.

The dividend for the 2010 fiscal year was Euro 0.10 per share, which represented a total payout of Euro 109 million. Together with the buy-back of bonds and shares, Infineon has returned about Euro 500 million to the capital market since the beginning of the 2011 fiscal year.

2011 was a very successful fiscal year for Infineon: a 21 percent increase in sales, revenue of Euro 4 billion, a Segment Result of nearly Euro 800 million and over 60 percent return on capital employed,” says Peter Bauer, Chief Executive Officer of Infineon Technologies AG.A year ago we promised our shareholders growth, returns and innovation. We have delivered on our promise. We want to continue to share Infineon’s corporate success with shareholders and pay a sustainable dividend throughout the market cycle.

Confidence in the company’s performance is also corroborated by the movement of the share price: it rose by 10 percent in the 2011 fiscal year. The DAX declined by 12 percent in the same period. The SOX Semiconductor Index fell 3 percent during that time; the Dow Jones Semiconductor Index movement was similar. 

Infineon ranks among the world’s most sustainable companies 

If all the CO 2 savings enabled by Infineon products in 2011 are added together, the global saving in CO 2 emissions is about 4.6 million metric tons. Set against this figure is about one million metric tons CO 2 generated by Infineon through production, logistics and power consumption. This contributes towards Infineon’s ranking among the world’s top-scoring 15 percent of companies in terms of sustainability and its renewed listing in the Sustainability Yearbook. 

Over 2,000 companies took part in the assessment, including 31 semiconductor companies. Infineon took part for the second time and is listed among the best eight companies within the semiconductor sector in the 2012 Yearbook. 

The Sustainability Yearbook is published by Sustainable Asset Management in collaboration with KPMG, the provider of audit, tax and consulting services. The 2012 issue was presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos a few weeks ago.

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