Bundesdruckerei eID cards - in this case the CEO's - could be used at an ATM Foto: dapd

At CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei will present its solutions and ideas for ID management in the analogue and digital world of today, tomorrow and far into the future. New applications and innovations for business, government and public authorities will go on show at Bundesdruckerei’s booth.

The new German ID card makes banking easier

Together with its partners XCOM AG and biw Bank AG, Bundesdruckerei will show how much more efficient and secure banking processes can be when the online ID function of the new German ID card is used.
De-Mail supplements the D-TRUST Business Portal 
The Business Portal from D-TRUST, a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, makes document management much more efficient. At CeBIT, the company will show for the first time how De-Mail supplements the document management system and which savings are possible.
Signing and handling formalities online

Based on the example of an application for a clearance certificate, visitors will be able to see just how easy it will be to sign online using reloadable signature certificates for the new German ID card. Bundesdruckerei’s online signature solution enables users to sign all kinds of digital forms online in a matter of minutes and is adapted to the individual processes at companies and public authorities.
New solutions for public authorities

Bundesdruckerei will present a briefcase solution for public authorities which they can use to capture data from official documents. Border control officers will be keen to see the Border Control solutions for document verification and process optimisation which will make travel much more efficient and secure. In future, citizens will be able to use the online signature function of the new German ID card to apply for clearance certificates at public agency terminals, making long waiting times a thing of the past.

Innovation by Bundesdruckerei

This year, Bundesdruckerei’s innovation department will demonstrate how electricity grids of the future can be made more intelligent through “smart metering”. But who will ensure that these networked systems are secure? As a Trusted Service Manager, Bundesdruckerei ensures that services are securely communicated and acts as the mediator between end consumers and power suppliers. Since the mobile Internet is growing every day, the online functionalities of the new German ID card must also be available to mobile applications. One scenario by Bundesdruckerei shows how the new German ID card can be used on a mobile phone. Other innovation projects include 3D facial recognition and designing multi-functional ID cards for the future.

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