Global Enterprise Technologies Corp. (GET Group), a provider of cutting-edge passport and ID systems globally, today unveiled its CP500 identification card printer, the most advanced desktop retransfer 600dpi pigment ink card printing solution in the world. The CP500 combines the superior forensics of 600dpi pigment ink with user-upgradeable encoding features for personalization to deliver the most secure card printing solution on the market.

The specialized CP500 can produce secure contactless, contact and magnetic stripe identification. Its retransfer print process enables edge-to-edge printing and the use of programmed primers over specific areas to allow for chip technology and encoded data anywhere on the card without requiring cut-outs to lamination.
Supply of consumables is also limited to GET Group, which not only guarantees consistency of supplies for optimal card production, but also security of access and protection against the production of counterfeit cards. Additional security features include a tamper-evident seal to protect against image or data alteration, as well as the ability to incorporate holograms, barcodes, micro-text, and other features to enhance security and hinder counterfeit production. An optional laser engraver also creates an extra layer of security with engraved features for highly personalized cards.
The most elegant industrial-grade solution available, the CP500 is fast and flexible. Speedy card production enhances productivity and reduces overall cost, while easy-to-install encoding capabilities are built to be added by the user to on-site printers for each specific card requirement.
The CP500 is specially designed for access control, personalization, and other high-security identification challenges in corporate environments, pharmaceuticals, government, healthcare, transportation, travel and leisure, higher education and campus security, and more. GET Group provides application development tools and support to enable users to build customized, streamlined printing solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into existing security systems and software infrastructure.
Our customers invest extensive time and money in comprehensive access management solutions and need a specialized card printer that upholds the level of precision and accuracy worthy of those investments,” said Alex Kambanis, President and CEO of Global Enterprise Technologies, Corp. Group North America.We liken the selection of the CP500 to putting the best tires on a high performance vehicle – without them, you put the whole system in jeopardy. GET Group is proud to bring the best of high security government ID printing technology to industries where security is an ever-growing imperative.

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