Gemalto won the Security Innovation award in the inaugural 2012 Cloud Awards program. Gemalto was recognized for its Protiva Strong Authentication Service, a robust strong authentication platform that enables secure access to cloud resources and applications. This service delivers a full suite of security features including access control, data encryption and versatile authentication making the transition to cloud computing simple and cost effective.

The annual cloud computing awards program, judged by a panel of industry experts and open internationally, celebrates industry leaders and pioneers in the field of cloud computing.

We were swamped by almost 200 entries and the standard was remarkably high,” said Larry Johnson, Cloud Awards organizer. “Judging the submissions was a challenging task, and we are endorsing Gemalto as among the best of the best in its field. We’re seeing an increasing number of organizations leveraging cloud technologies to make their operations work harder and smarter, and we want to help ensure companies like Gemalto receive the recognition they deserve.

Gemalto is honored to have won this award, which acknowledges our dedication to provide secure access to cloud computing resources for enterprise applications,” answered Francois Lasnier, Senior Vice President of Online Authentication at Gemalto. “With Protiva, users are protected by two forms of identity verification to gain authorized access to the cloud. Protiva creates a mutual trust between the cloud provider and the customer, and clearly differentiates the cloud provider from competitors that do not offer this level of security and convenience.

The Cloud Awards will re-open this fall with a fresh program seeking upcoming players in the field of cloud computing for 2013.


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