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On Track Innovations Ltd. announced that the Ministry of Public Security of Panama has awarded OTI with a contract for the supply, design, installation and integration of systems to monitor and improve immigration verification processes and overall immigration flow. OTI expects to recognize revenues of approximately $6.9 million, with the potential for additional revenue in future years from follow-on contracts.

The contract provides for the supply of OTI’s end-to-end turnkey immigration solution, based on its proprietary state-of-the-art, field-proven eID Magna™ platform. The solution includes data enrollment and issuing stations, as well as individual means to verify identity tied to Biometric Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), allowing for better control at border points and increased efficiencies.

Oded Bashan, Chairman and CEO of OTI, stated, “OTI’s secure ID offerings provide a cost effective, secure and timely to-market solution that leverages and interfaces with legacy systems and records.” Mr. Bashan continued: “We are happy to expand our footprint in Latin America to support Panama’s efforts to improve identity verification at their borders. By deploying our solution, Panama is taking firm control of immigration security and identity to diminish the substantial risks and costs of illegal immigration and identity theft.”

OTI’s Magna modular platform enables short implementation time frames, seamless integration with a country’s existing border control system and provides external interfaces to a digital Certificate Authority for signature verification. The system is compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and offers a migration path to additional e-Gov applications and electronic ID documents such as National IDs, Voter IDs and Driver Licenses, and more.The technology and integration within the OTI system enables a much more efficient and secure border control process that should reduce paperwork, operating costs and personnel needs while also substantially streamlining and speeding the immigration process to the satisfaction of all visitors.

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