Bloonn, a startup awarded for its prestigious innovation named Keepod, the new device that unifies user digital identities, and charismathics, leader in agnostic PKI computer clients bridging the gap between proprietary solutions and user convenience, have joined forces.
Keepod provides users with a unique pass entry to their multiple digital identities which are usually spread over various systems and locations – each requiring management, backup and synchronization. With this reliable device, designed to fit the wallet, the user can work on any laptop, desktop or kiosk PC he comes across; regardless of the operating system installed, he can launch his own environment and his custom applications without leaving any footprint and in total security thanks to the Keepod embedded smart card chip and hardware encryption features.
With the same unit, he can also gain physical authentication (to systems such as access gates, payment, kiosks, ticketing and more) thanks to the built-in NFC technology. All the user’s actions can be backed-up so that even in the worst circumstances, the user can just take a new device to be immediately operative again. With several gigabytes fully secured in his pocket, the computer as we know it becomes redundant.

On the other hand charismathics has revolutionized the identity management arena with a living middleware that keeps integrating over the years with more and more smart card operating systems, card profiles, computer platforms and third party applications. Such unique piece of software can thus represent a wide minded investment for enterprises whether it comes to a green field, as much as for those having to merge different schemes still preserving the expenses borne that far. In a world that is moving at a faster pace in technology and is thus subject to constant software and hardware changes, the introduction of a flexible element in the PKI equation is essential to have the chance to shape the infrastructure in total freedom for now and later.

Keepod and charismathics smart security interface are the answer to a proliferation of hardware devices and software solutions out there in the market; together they offer both legacy support and an independent concept to cover the most diversified scenarios. charismathics is excited to cooperate with Bloonn and is absolutely convinced that this common strategy to market will help companies reducing their IT security costs, without having to sacrifice their assets in a time of crisis.”, states Daniela Previtali, Director Product Marketing of charismathics.

“We are delighted that charismathics CSSI will now support the Keepod device. This new partnership strengthens our commitment to the enterprise market, offering customers with a business solution to increase security and manage their digital identity in a smart and transparent way. Together we enable customers to choose a solution that best meets their application needs and allows them to remain focused on their infrastructure operation”, said Nissan Bahar, CEO of Bloonn.

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