idOnDemand, a business unit of Identive Group, announced its Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) credential offering. With the Identive SmartID card with CIV, private enterprises can leverage the same technology and data model that the Federal government uses to establish a secure, reliable, electronically verifiable identity program without the requirement for cross-certification with the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Bridge.

Though new in concept, CIV is quickly being recognized for the strong authentication that it offers the private sector and its wide applicability based on proven, standards-based technology,” said Rob Zivney, VP Government & Standards for Identive Group and a Smart Card Alliance Member.Industry made a significant investment in smart card research and development for government sector identity applications. That technology can now be used by enterprises in the private sector without the burden of maintaining policy requirements for background checks, interoperability, and infrastructure.  With CIV, the private sector now can use the same government-grade smart card with inherent cryptographic capabilities for strong authentication, and leverage recognized specifications for compatibility as they integrate the cards into their physical access or IT infrastructure.

Many international or multi-site companies are looking for a secure credential that allows their employees and contractors to carry only one badge to log on to the company network as well as to access facilities. With an idOnDemand SmartID CIV credential, enterprises can fulfill this vision while achieving high levels of access security and technical interoperability similar to those provided with Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards.

idOnDemand SmartID CIV allows commercial enterprises to minimize the considerable time, investment and expertise usually needed to achieve secure, trusted identities for their employees and contractors,” said Jason Hart, Chief Executive Officer at idOnDemand. “By leveraging idOnDemand’s CIV credential, our customers can have an electronically verifiable identity program without the overly complex policy framework associated with issuance and use of the PIV and PIV-I credentials — all in a matter of weeks, not years.

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