New Biometric Passport of Serbia
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Kosovo is issuing a new generation of biometric passports with datapages manufactured by Trüb. The datapages are made of polycarbonate and contain a chip module. The Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) acts as the general contractor, manufactures the passport booklet and integrates the datapages.   

Kosovo and the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) have signed a contract where OeSD as general contractor supplies biometric passports and installs a passport personalization center over a number of years.

They key element of the passport is the datapage supplied by Trüb AG with embedded antenna and chip module. The datapages are made of fused polycarbonate films and laminated without the use of adhesives. The chip on this biometric passport stores the personal data, a facial image, two fingerprints of the document holder and complies with the ICAO standard. The datapages are optically personalized by means of laser engraving and include a variety of built-in security features. The datapage, attached to the passport booklet through a patented and robust page binding element, is guaranteed for a 10 year lifespan.

With the launch of the Swiss identity card made of polycarbonate in 1995, Trüb has gained substantial experience and expert know-how and is considered as a pioneer in this field.  The datapages are manufactured by Trüb and shipped to OeSD in Vienna/Austria for being sewn into the passport booklets.

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