SmartCore Enables Unprecedented Printability for Contactless ID Cards

Identive Group announced an innovative breakthrough in RFID inlay manufacturing technology. The Company’s patent-pending SmartCore technology produces RFID core-inlays enabling unprecedented printability for contactless ID and access cards, with a thinner profile than traditional inlay designs.

An inlay is a thin material substrate incorporating a microchip bonded to an antenna, and functions as the heart of an RFID (radio frequency identification) credential such as a smartag, label, sticker or card. Contactless RFID technology is rapidly replacing traditional machine-readable identification technologies in numerous applications, offering substantially enhanced security and convenience.

Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Identive’s Multicard Switzerland and principal inventor of SmartCore commented, “SmartCore leverages Identive‘s proprietary antenna and inlay designs as well as manufacturing techniques invented by our team and honed over many years. The unparalleled technique of Identive’s SmartCore inlay eliminates the bumps and irregular patterns found in most contactless cards and enables a perfectly even surface with a uniform thickness and appearance that consequently allows improved ability to print and customize electronic ID cards.”

“Identive is well established as an inlay manufacture for smartags, labels and tickets and with this new technology we are now expanding our range into ID cards and badges,” explained Michael Kober, Managing Director of Transponders for Identive. “The special design of our SmartCore inlay offers partners more flexibility, more durability and ultimately a lower cost of implementation for contactless cards for employee ID, facility access and other applications.”

Identive will showcase its new SmartCore technology in November at the ID WORLD International Congress in Milan, Italy and at the annual CARTES & IDentification exhibition in Paris, France. Initial orders for SmartCore inlays already have been booked and delivered and Identive is currently installing new SmartCore production capabilities at its Wallisellen plant that are expected to be fully operational in early 2012.

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