SCM Microsystems, a leading provider of solutions for secure access, secure identity and secure exchange and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc., have launched a new near field communication (NFC) Solutions Development Kit (SDK) that enables application developers and system integrators to accelerate time to market of NFC technology-based readers and terminals that support Device-to-Tag and Peer-To-Peer applications such as event ticketing, retail loyalty, physical and logical access as well as vending, public transport and mobile payment.

“With major mobile phone manufacturers now introducing a variety of new NFC-enabled smart phones and other devices, the mobile infrastructure for NFC-based consumer and commercial applications is rapidly being put in place,” said David Holmes, vice president Mobility & NFC Solutions for Identive.“NFC technology is creating tremendous excitement as it promises to revolutionize the way we live, work and play, spawning innovative applications for everything from payment to healthcare to social networking.”

“Developers are racing to deliver new solutions that leverage the potential of NFC,” said Michael Ganzera, vice president Business Development and Marketing for SCM Microsystems. “SCM’s new NFC SDK combines our broad expertise in contactless technologies with detailed NFC know how, enabling developers to easily upgrade existing solutions with NFC or to build entirely new applications that combine traditional contactless solutions with new NFC capabilities.”

SCM’s NFC Solutions Development Kit consists of two SCM3712 NFC reader modules and one SCL3711 reader, as well as all necessary drivers, source code examples for handling Device-to-Tag and Peer-to-Peer NFC applications, optimized software development tools, and essential documentation covering NFC and PC interfaces. SCM’s SDK also includes a complete set of NFC Forum-compliant tags in various form factors, which model NFC application data such as Internet service initiation using a URL, line of text, smart poster or business card. The contactless reader modules used in the NFC SDK are compact in size, facilitating the creation of small-footprint terminals that are optimized for end user convenience in retail countertop environments.

The SDK also works with SCM’s widely installed contactless SCL reader/token family, including the SCL010 and SCL011. Solutions developers and integrators can therefore use a variety of SCM NFC modules and readers to create the necessary infrastructure and products for an array of new commercial NFC solutions. For example, a direct and reliable two-way communication between two devices can be established, allowing a mobile phone to be used as a smart credential when presented to an NFC-equipped terminal, enabling applications such as loyalty couponing or points redemption.

The new NFC SDK will be available mid-October both through SCM’s traditional sales channels and via the Company’s online NFC marketplace at


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