Multicard, a leading supplier of credential solutions, identity management, and system integration services and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc., is providing the Municipality of Enschede, The Netherlands with an integrated solution to manage administration of the community’s free bus transport service for older residents. Multicard’s solution encompasses participant enrolment, the issuance of special passes for the service, management of the database of participants, and the design and management of a web portal that allows the city to monitor the process and flow of the project.

This special transport service is being introduced as a result of agreements between the Municipality of Enschede and the Dutch transportation operator Connexxion. The service allows residents aged 70 and older to use the city’s bus system to visit friends and relatives, do errands and take advantage of community facilities by supplying each participant with a free bus pass.

Arjo van Veenendaal, project manager for the Municipality of Enschede stated, “Our collaboration with Multicard has been very positive.  Enschede is known as a dynamic, energetic and progressive business community, so it was important that the introduction of the 70 + pass was well organized, efficient and rapid. Multicard’s flexibility and ability to improvise to get things done has been a significant help in achieving this. Modifications and changes were implemented quickly and Multicard has provided insights to address problems as they arise, while keeping a close eye on what is desirable and possible. That balance has led to a result that city management, and hopefully our elderly residents, are very happy with.”

According to Hennie Otto, Connexxion’s project manager for the free transportation service, the enthusiasm for this project is considerable and at least 90% of currently eligible residents are expected to participate. To date, Multicard has processed enrolment and mailed out the “70+” free public transport passes to 11,000 elderly residents of the city. Multicard and the Municipality of Enschede expect to continue their cooperation in the future, as the program is ongoing.

“In a country where population aging is a major trend, there is a continual increase in demand for social services for older people – such as the free public transportation program in Enschede,”stated Pieter Kooistra, managing director of Multicard Netherlands. “Managing these types of programs requires a secure and flexible platform for safeguarding the data collected from individual participants, as well as the capability to act as an interface between the community offering the program and the residents who will use it. Multicard specializes in providing identity management programs and integration services for smart communities, universities, hospitals, emergency management and other markets where there is a need for secure and efficient handling of personal data to support ongoing program management and reporting.”

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