ScaleMatrix, a company in private cloud and colocation services market, today announced a strategic partnership with Digitus Biometrics, a market leader in physical access control solutions, that sets the bar for physical security in the Cloud & Colocation arena.

Typical data centers take great care to protect against cyberattacks, yet rely on outdated proximity card technology for physical security within the perimeter. Proximity card readers can tell only which card, but not which person, gained access, and therefore offer low protection against physical insider breaches. Digitus Biometrics replaces the proximity card with something that can’t be shared, stolen, or lost and found: a live fingerprint.

ScaleMatrix takes pride in providing the highest levels of security in both the physical and virtual aspects of its cloud and colocation offering. The Digitus Biometrics platform was chosen for a number of reasons, including unique system configurations that take biometric access control from simple perimeter and Data Center access control, all the way to the server cabinet level security. Digitus’ proprietary encryption technology delivers 100% accurate identify verification at any access point and provides immediate alerts for fraud/breach attempts, with an indisputable audit trail.

“This partnership brings significant advantages to the customers of both Digitus Biometrics and ScaleMatrix,” said Mark Ortenzi, CEO, ScaleMatrix“Digitus Biometrics’s packaging of world-class biometric access control and security gives us something timely and important to deliver to our customers.”

“The ScaleMatrix selection of the db ServerRack access controller further validates our security platform by moving Digitus into the leading edge of cloud computing,” said David Orischak, Digitus Biometrics CEO. “It also shows that ScaleMatrix fully appreciates the importance of physical security in private clouds. They’ve adopted a solution that the military and leading hospitals, universities, and data-center service providers have embraced for access points that require the highest level of physical security available.”

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