Identive Group, Inc., a provider of products, services and solutions for the security, identification and RFID industries, today bolstered its position as an early solutions leader for the emerging near field communications (NFC) market with the launch of an online marketplace featuring NFC solutions for system integrators and applications developers.

Through its website at, the Company is offering a range of NFC products as well as educational resources. Initially available are:

  • NFC tags for Google Places program – Pre-personalized NFC tags are available for local businesses participating in Google’s smart poster campaign for its Google Places service.
  • NFC tags – The IdentiveNFC marketplace offers a selection of NFC Forum-compliant tags – including Google NFC tags type 1, 2 and 4 – which are the core component of all NFC-based applications, from mobile payment to electronic ticketing.
  • NFC readers – NFC readers work with NFC tags to initiate transactions, services or other applications. Identive’s NFC readers are based on contactless technology standards and are available in both mobile and desktop form factors.
  • NFC software development kit – NFC SDKs enables application developers and system integrators to accelerate time to market of NFC readers and terminals that support Device-to-Tag and Peer-To-Peer applications such as event ticketing, retail loyalty, physical and logical access as well as vending, public transport and mobile payment.
  • Educational resources – IdentiveNFC will offer webinars, webcasts and educational materials about NFC technology and applications.

David Holmes, vice president Mobility & NFC for Identive Group, stated, “NFC is going to radically change how we communicate, get and use information and transact business by giving us the means to turn our smart phones into all-in-one mobile devices. The IdentiveNFC marketplace offers application developers, OEMS, infrastructure providers and end users the tools they need to create new solutions for the emerging NFC ecosystem.” 

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