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Intesi Group SpA an Italian company specialized in digital signatures, logical security of data, card processing, systems integration, and service management, today announces that it has obtained – first and only company in the world – the IdenTrust certificate of compliance for its remote signature system. Inparticular the two solutions PKBox and PkNet became compliant.

The characteristics of flexibility in the integration of strong authentication tools, ease of application development and excellent scalability in terms of number of users and load sustainable solution offered by Intesi Group are the basis for this certification.

“IdenTrust is the leading international company for the validation of identity solutions: its certifications are recognized by financial institutions, government agencies and different companies around the world”– says Fernando Catullo, CEO of Intesi Group“We are therefore proud to have achieved this prestigious recognition for our remote signature system, because it means that we have been able to translate into quality products our continued commitment to finding innovative solutions and the expertisegained through years of study on the digital signature technology”.

It’s called PKSuite the range of powerful, scalable and flexible solutions that Intesi Group has developed to make all those services where the signature ensures the maximum guarantee of authenticity and integrity of information processed. In PKSuite Intesi Group has merged its unique expertise and experience in the development of PKI technologies for the management of the signature of transactions and documentsand extensive knowledge of the regulatory framework – both at national and European level – and strengthened by the collaboration with the most important stakeholders.

Two are the products of PkSuite family now certified IdenTrust: PKBox, the security server more powerful and flexible now available on the market for managing the operations of Massive Digital Signature compliant to the European laws and for the support applications that deal with logic security data, and PkNet, the development toolkit that enables software houses to incorporate logical security features into their client applications.

Remote signature solutions are the perfect answer to the needs of small and large organizations, public and private, who want to simplify signature operations, rationalize and even reduce operating costs and, above all, to be certain of the nonrepudiation of signatures made. Banks, universities, local and central government, health bodies and any other organization can comply with a digital signature operations remotely and securely without forcing users to use signature devices.

“As a successful provider of advanced technology solutions in Italy, Intesi Group offers compelling benefits to our community of global financial institutions. We are excited to include the certified PKBox and PKNet products in IdenTrust’s portfolio of trusted identity solutions.” says Christy Serrato, Director of Business Development at IdenTrust.



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