Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of biometric identity solutions, has entered into an agreement with the Argentinean Government to support the deployment of identity management systems throughout the country.

The National Public Administration of Argentina is evaluating new biometric systems to support key administration activities. “We will promote the use and implementation of new biometric technology and electronic equipment,” states Pedro Janices, National Director of the National Office of Information Technologies. “Biometric devices will help to enhance existing and forthcoming services provided by the Government.”

Cross Match will provide guidance and expertise in the areas of forensic-quality fingerprint and palm print capture devices, multimodal biometric capture systems, document readers, software and associated professional services. The company will help devise biometric security policies, train human resources, provide technical assistance, conduct research, and share best practices for biometric security program development.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the Argentine Government to address their needs in the area of biometrics. The identification of joint projects that contribute to information and communication technology development within the Argentinean national public sector is the focus of the relationship,” explains James Bell, Director, CALA Region (Caribbean & Latin America) at Cross Match. “The Argentine Government is at the forefront of using biometric identity solutions to enhance safety, security and promote programs for its citizens.”

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