Montenegro continues to place its trust in Trüb’s secure and high quality identity documents made of polycarbonate. By extending the collaboration Trüb claims the country is expressing its satisfaction with the competencies of the Swiss company related to materials, printing and personalisation. As partnering manufacturer of the general contractor Datacard Group, Trüb AG has been supplying datapages for biometric passports, identity cards, driving licences and multipurpose identity cards to Montenegro since 2007.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro renewed the successful collaboration with the general contractor Datacard Group located in Minneapolis/USA at the end of 2010. As one of the partnering manufacturers, Trüb AG continues to supply electronic datapages, identity cards, driving licences and multipurpose identity cards over the next few years.

An important part of the contract is the datapage developed by Trüb. The datapages are equipped with a contactless chip and fully comply with the ICAO standard. Trüb’s datapages are made of polycarbonate foils laminated without the use of adhesives. As one of the worldwide pioneers with this technology, Trüb has gained substantial experience and expert knowledge since the first product launch in 1995. The datapages, which are optically personalised by means of laser engraving, comprise a variety of integrated security features.

The highly flexible datapage hinge guarantees a secure and robust binding with the passport booklet. Datapages from Trüb are designed for a lifespan of 10 years. The datapages from Trüb are bound into the passport booklets produced by Austria State Printing House (OeSD) in Vienna/Austria.

The identity cards, driving licences and multipurpose identity cards are also manufactured with polycarbonate material. These documents prove to be mechanically robust and resistant to high temperatures, resulting in a lifespan of up to 10 years.

All identity documents are personalised locally under the authorities of Montenegro, using the personalisation solution supplied from Trüb. The system is based on TrackStar®, an efficient and reliable software solution for personalisation and data management of identity documents developed by Trüb.

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