German Minister of the Interior shows interest in the eID systems demonstrated at CeBIT 2011

Up to now, most laser personalisation machines for electronic passports were big. This was not economically feasible for countries with decentralised personalisation which were in need of “desktop” machines. Bundesdruckerei GmbH has responded to this need with its new desktop personalisation machine, ME 3000 Passport. This device can offer the functionalities of a bigger machine but is, above all, compact. The ME 3000 Passport device is on show for the first time ever at the high-tech CeBIT exhibition in Hanover.

Small and powerful – these are the main attributes of Bundesdruckerei’s new ME 3000 Passport. This machine can be used to personalise passports in the global ID3 standard format, the same format as the German passport. The compact device is the ideal solution for countries with decentralised personalisation and smaller quantities. Up to around 100 passports an hour can be personalised.

At CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei is also presenting the new sister machine, ME 3000 Card. This small desktop personalisation device for electronic ID cards in credit-card format is not only ideal for countries with decentralised ID document personalisation, but also for companies wishing to issue high-security employee ID cards. Bundesdruckerei uses this machine itself to issue its own company ID cards to employees. ME 3000 Card is scalable and works with an extremely fast laser so that around 100 ID cards per hour can be personalised.

Another new innovation by Bundesdruckerei is ME 9000 High Speed which will be presented in an animated film. This high-speed laser and chip personalisation machine can handle up to 1,000 ID cards an hour. The machine is designed for government and industrial use and primarily for processing large quantities.


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