Markus Hartmann & his Excellency Inspector General of Police and Customs Malik Sulamin A Mamri

Royal Oman Police (ROP), in its role as passport issuing authority of the Sultanate of Oman, awarded HJP Consulting (HJP) with the Provision of Consultancy Services for the new Omani e-passport project. This is HJP’s fourth major eID Consultancy contract in the Middle East region.

The scope of the project is to support ROP in the planning, procurement and implementation of the new Omani e-passport project. HJP will enable ROP to select the best suitable supplier for delivering a new electronic passport booklet and the related IT system.
As a first step, the HJP consultants provide an AS-IS-Study. Based on this study, HJP will develop a set of requirements specifications based on the particular needs of ROP, which incorporate all relevant recommendations provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The requirements towards the new e-passport system will then be issued within an international public tender process inviting bidders to submit their pertinent proposals. HJP will further support the ROP during the evaluation of bids based on a sound evaluation methodology. Finally, HJP will help ROP during the ramp up phase of the implementation project.

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