Gemalto has won the IT Security Sesames award for eGo™. This winning innovation is being showcased at CARTES & IDentification on the Gemalto booth (3E002).

This Sesames award recognizes Gemaltos differentiated innovation leadership,” commented Tan Teck-Lee, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer.Our winning entry this year demonstrates our capacity to bring cutting-edge new ideas to reality, and we are committed to best-in-class research that will bring benefits to our customers and end-users alike as the world becomes increasingly digital and wireless.”


The Gemalto-invented eGo makes access to credential-based services extremely intuitive, by simply touching an eGo-compliant object. This innovation removes the need to enter a username/password to access and perform actions in a digital system. eGo can be made in any form of object imaginable, such as a watch, a belt, a fabric or a piece of jewelry. It just embeds a biometric sensor for initial identity verification. After user authentication, the eGo you wear communicates with the eGo-compliant object you touch, and the desired electronic transaction is performed on your behalf.

Users for example can log-in on any PC by simply touching an eGo-compliant mouse; or open a car door without a key. All eGo electronic transactions are protected, anonymity is possible and user information privacy is guaranteed. Gemalto has already started developing eGo applications as part of the CATRENE* program, which is supported by the EUREKA pan-European initiative.

The Sesames awards recognize and celebrate unique contributions and investments made by leading industry players like Gemalto in developing innovative products and solutions, which bring trust and convenience to the digital and wireless world.

Visit the Gemalto stand – 3E002 – at CARTES & IDentification, 7/8/9 December 2010.

*CATRENE: Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on NanoElectronicseGo is trademark of Gemalto


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