Giesecke & Devrient will be presenting its revamped trade fair strategy at CARTES & IDentification 2010, an international trade fair which will be held in Paris from December 7 to 9, 2010. For the first time, the Munich-based technology group will be showcasing end-to-end solutions designed to make its customers’ digital applications secure. The solutions – which comprise not only security components such as smart cards and tokens for electronic payment transactions and telecommunications, but also server software and services – address the needs of G&D’s many different customers, including banks and mobile network operators, public transportation providers, private companies and OEMs, authorities and governments as well as the healthcare industry 

The range of security solutions that enable G&D’s customers to open up new fields of enterprise is a broad one, encompassing everything from online banking and cash transfer via mobile phone to applications for mobile communications and near field communication (NFC). At CARTES & IDentification 2010, security specialist G&D will also be presenting a number of solutions for highly secure machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, an approach that makes it easier for G&D’s customers to access the company’s integrated end-to-end solutions, which are set to shape the future of the digital-transactions segment.

Visitors to the trade fair will find the entire spectrum of G&D’s solutions at Stand 4 J 001 in Hall 4. The stand is divided into ten different “islands,” each devoted to a particular topic.

At NFC Payment and Transit, G&D will be showing, among other things, how customers can purchase rail tickets using their cell phones, or utilize NFC to pay for a cinema ticket at the box office. G&D provides all the necessary hardware and ensures that sensitive applications can be transferred and personalized in a secure manner via the air interface.

Mobile Money revolves around financial transactions via mobile phone. Especially in developing and emerging economies, many people do not have bank accounts, and must rely on their mobile network operators to carry out payments. G&D offers payment solutions from a single source that comprises not only secure cash transactions, but also the reliable identification of the participants in a transaction.

Secure eBanking and eCommerce covers secure online banking via PC or cell phone. Identification is carried out, for example, using secure USB tokens or MicroSD cards from G&D. G&D also generates the required keys and IDs, and can look after integration in a bank portal.

The Online Data Management island shows the Convego Service Data Gateway which shall disburden issuers from the complexity and escalating effort involved in data management. Combined with the Online Portal services, G&D offers a comprehensive solution that brings transparency to all levels of a global personalization network all the way down to the local partners.

White Label Payment and Loyalty stands for the closed payment and bonus systems that retail enterprises and banks can employ to establish their own payment transaction systems and customer loyalty programs. G&D functions as a one-stop supplier of all the components required in this field – e.g. cards, terminals, and background systems – which it tailors to meet each customer’s specific needs.

The Secure Voice and Messaging island will deal with the special security requirements of mobile communication, and will showcase encrypted phone calls, short messages, and e-mails. Solutions of this kind are often used by governments, top managers, or security authorities. G&D provides the high-security MicroSD cards that make secure mobile communication possible.

Networked device solutions for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications are deployed, for example, in motor vehicles, electricity meters, and vending machines. G&D not only offers robust SIM cards for machine-to-machine communication, but also enables the secure transmission of sensitive data.

Subscriber Experience Management covers the remote management of SIM cards and mobile devices over the air (OTA) via the wireless network. It includes the download of applications, electronic identities and keys to mobile devices, SIM cards or secure MicroSD cards. This G&D service targets mobile network operators and application providers, and comprises management over the entire lifecycle of the cards.

The ePassport and PKI island will focus on secure identification on the basis of the electronic data stored in passports and ID documents. The technological basis for this is provided by a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that is designed to prevent the misuse or forgery of eID documents.

eVehicle Registration brings together G&D’s offerings in relation to the electronic vehicle registration card (eVRC), including a corresponding background IT system. This IT infrastructure enables vehicle and owner data to be read out using a variety of different devices.

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