ID documents need to be both highly secure and easy to handle, and the MAGIC-ID security feature from Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) achieves just that. The Munich-based technology company has developed a special technical process that enables three-dimensional images to be integrated into ID documents. By tilting the ID card, the user can recognize pronounced depth effects and flowing movements in the image. Depending on the design, contrasting images are also possible. G&D will be presenting this innovative product at the CARTES & IDentification trade fair to be held in Paris December 7-9 (Hall 4, Stand 4 J001).

“Three-dimensional effects like the ones generated by MAGIC-ID cannot be imitated using a photocopier or scanner. This new process, by means of which an animated image can be incorporated in the card body, offers maximum protection against forgery. At the same time, the feature is clearly recognizable to anyone using the card,” says Hans-Wolfgang Kunz, Group Executive for G&D’s Government Solutions business unit.

MAGIC-ID is suitable for all types of ID document that need to be checked quickly and reliably without technical aids. If you look at an ID card fitted with a MAGIC-ID feature, you get the impression that the image in it is moving. The image alters as you change the viewing angle, but in one constant flowing movement. This special effect in the card means border police, for instance, have no trouble detecting whether the document before them is genuine or not.

The animated 3D images are generated by combining a lens structure with a specific configuration of pixels calculated using special software from G&D. The lens structure can be easily integrated in the card during production – no additional production steps are necessary. The pixels can be generated either through a printing process, or via laser engraving when the document is personalized.

MAGIC-ID allows designers much greater freedom than previously. They are no longer bound as closely by the size and pattern of the lenticular as with conventional flipped images. As the image flows uninterruptedly in any direction – whether horizontally or vertically – designers can create complex pictures. Customers also have the option of having several images integrated in the card so as to produce contrasting effects.

MAGIC-ID can be deployed in all kinds of high-security documents, including national ID cards and passports with a PECSEC® or polycarbonate data page. Other card applications include, for instance, company ID cards, legal services cards, drivers’ licenses, tachograph cards or electronic vehicle registration papers in card format.

G&D will be showcasing its newly developed MAGIC-ID technology at the CARTES & IDentification trade fair to be held in Paris December 7-9 (Hall 4, Stand 4 J001).


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