SAFE ID Solutions AG, a worldwide provider of identity management and ID system solutions, is represented on the sixth ICAO MRTD Symposium in Montreal from 1st till 4th November 2010. The security specialist presents the expert audience its technologies and solutions in the area of Identity Flow Management, that have been consistently structured according the life cycle of an identity and an ID document.

This demonstrates SAFE ID’s central achievement: seamless integration of the three dimensions Holder Management, Credentials Management and Identification Management within a comprehensive information flow. The first time at a trade fair SAFE ID appears with a rebranded corporate presence, to emphasize a consistent coverage of the market segments, products and the performance in implementing international projects.

“At this year’s ICAO MRTD Symposium and Trade Show we will show our expertise in the area of Identity Flow Management and position ourselves with a comprehensive approach”, says Karsten Neugebauer, CEO of SAFE ID Solutions AG. “Our company is exhibiting at this key industry event in Montreal with a new corporate presence that demonstrates our competence in the areas of National Security, Citizen Services, Corporate Security and Public Security.”

SAFE ID acts within the context of increased security requirements in the public and the private sector. The ID market is being driven by a greater awareness of security in private sector organizations and by a heightened threat environment in the public sector. Forecasts are calling for a global market potential of $ 7.5 billion for identity-related security solutions in the year 2014. The physical identification documents, i.e. passports or ID cards, have achieved a high level of forgery-proofing. Despite this their relative importance within the entire security chain is declining. What is developing into the key foundation for security is the ability to network control stations in order to verify identity and authorization information against central databases.

The company focuses on four domains: SAFE ID’s business sector “National Security” provides comprehensive passport and border control systems, i.e. national responsibility in an international context such as explicit identification of travelers and verification of their documents. The sector “Citizen Services” supports countries, cities and agencies to produce and manage ID documents, i.e. as driving licenses, personal identity cards, social security and health insurance cards. The business sector “Corporate Security” covers the identity management for companies, i.e. employee identity cards, physical and logical access control. The sector “Public Security” comprises events, i.e. clear identification of VIPs, guests, employees, partners, artists and athletes.

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