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BIO-key International, Inc., a finger-based biometric identification solutions provider for the healthcare industry, and Medflow Incorporated, the market leader in the development of electronic health records software solely dedicated to eye care physicians, announced the release of TruStaffTMfingerprint biometric log-in for securing access to Medflow Electronic Health Records (EHR).

“BIO-key’s TruStaff fingerprint biometric log-in delivers a new level of security, reliability and user convenience when accessing the Medflow Electronic Health Records Solution, enabling medical staff to quickly establish their identity,” commented “Ben Hammel, Director of Identity Management Solutions for  BIO-key International.With this cost effective solution, only the simple touch of a finger is needed for a clinician to quickly access the Medflow EHR solution at any point in the patient care process. In addition to improving patient safety and protecting their privacy, TruStaff improves workflow and provides more time for patient care by eliminating the need for passwords which are easily lost, forgotten or potentially compromised.”

Jim Messier, VP of Sales and Marketing for Medflow Incorporated added “The TruStaff fingerprint biometric log-in enables Medflow clients the most secure method of logging into the Medflow EHR, allowing for added efficiency throughout the patient visit.”

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