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The Coesys enrolment solution from Gemalto has been selected to manage the secure biometric registration of voters in the Republic of Benin. The program, which targets all voting citizens, expects over six million people to be enrolled, for the March 2011 presidential elections.

The Gemalto solution comprises over 3,200 Coesys mobile enrolment stations, which were delivered in two months, and the related software to capture citizens’ demographic data, fingerprints and digital photograph, directly in the field. Gemalto also provides the software for national data consolidation, training services, technical assistance and fulfillment.

Coesys mobile enrolment station is an all-in-one solution which features all biometric data capture devices contained in a robust and easy-to-transport field-case. This mobile solution makes it convenient for officers to go to the applicant and reach out to large numbers of citizens very quickly, sparing them the need to travel long distances to enroll.

As a technology, solution and service provider, Gemalto is thrilled to be associated with the latest national programs,” commented Jacques Seneca, Executive Vice President, Gemalto. “The enrolment phase is a critical step in building a national voters register that is reliable and secure and our digital security expertise can make a real life improvement for governments and citizens alike.”

This success reinforces Gemalto’s presence in the African continent where the company has already deployed close to 10 governments programs, notably in Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia.

Additional information on Coesys mobile enrolment station

The Coesys mobile enrolment unit is an integrated stand-alone registration solution. It is a complete and fully operational system which incorporates all elements necessary for mobile enrolment campaigns including camera, fingerprinting scanner, printer, laptop and the associated software.  An optional external battery has up to eight hours of service. Different power supply means such as a power generator or solar panels are also implemented. The protective case is shock, water and dust resistant.

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