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SCM Microsystems, a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. and a leading provider of solutions for secure access, secure identity and secure exchange, have announced CHIPDRIVE® SmartLock, a reliable and easy-to-use electronic access control solution for small businesses and Individuals.

CHIPDRIVE® SmartLock is also compatible with CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording Touch & Go – SCM’s leading contactless time and attendance solution. Hence, the same card or token used to gain entry can also be used to clock in and out of the workplace.

CHIPDRIVE® SmartLock is an electronic RFID lock cylinder that enables doors to be opened contactlessly with a smart card or with a user token. This ensures that only authorized persons are granted access to a room and eliminates the need to carry bundles of keys for various rooms. The token or smart card is simply held to the RFID lock cylinder built into the door or directly to the door handle. The information saved in the token or the smart card is then compared with the data in the lock cylinder – if the information matches, an acoustic signal indicates that the door may be opened; if not, access is denied. Installing the lock cylinder is also easy and free of complications; the tokens can be programmed using the ‘Management Card’ included in the package.

CHIPDRIVE® SmartLock is suitable for both private use at home and use in the commercial sector, for example, for shop floors or offices. The package includes the RFID lock cylinder for one door, a Management Card for programming the tokens, five user tokens and two emergency keys.

CHIPDRIVE® SmartLock is available in Europe beginning in mid-September. The package is 308.21 EUR including VAT (259.00 EUR excluding VAT).

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