SAFE ID Solutions AG is now presenting itself under new colors. The highly successful worldwide provider of identity management and ID system solutions strengthens its clear position and differentiates itself in the area of Identity Flow Management throughout the world.

After impressive growth and over 30 international projects, the security specialist now clearly emphasizes its experience with domestic IDs and authorization cards, corporate ID solutions and ID management for public security – in addition to its immense proficiency in the areas of travel documents and border protection systems.

“After more than 30 international ID management projects, our previous corporate appearance no longer reflected our expertise,” says Karsten Neugebauer, CEO of SAFE ID Solutions AG. “We want to ensure that our complete corporate presence demonstrates our competence in the entire ID management process. Rebranding has resulted in consistent presentation of our market segments, products and our performance in implementing international projects as well as the fact these encompass the areas of National Security, Citizen Services, Corporate Security and Public Security.”

All of SAFE ID’s communication materials have been clearly restructured, both visually and in regard to content. The new SAFE ID logo, for example, now makes a more robust impression; its design more closely resembles the internationally introduced logo for machine-readable identification documents. The blue of the company’s previous logo has been replaced by a more striking color combination that makes SAFE ID clearly stand out from its competitors. The font used for all corporate documents is now contemporary but friendly. The new SAFE ID image world shows uniform motives that symbolize the company’s four market segments and simultaneously convey an overview and impression of the implementation of complex projects.

SAFE ID’s new website was visually redone and its content more clearly structured. In addition to intuitive navigation and precise texts, it features a new corporate film and the animation of the Identity Flow. The SAFE ID film clearly shows what SAFE ID stands for, and underlines the company’s expertise in managing the entire Identity Flow. Clear structure in the four market segments National Security, Citizen Services, Corporate Security and Public Security is also central, and demonstrates the potential of the various ID applications.

SAFE ID’s products have been consistently structured according to the Identity Flow. The individual stations in the life cycle of an identity and an ID document are distinctly separate from one another and are independent of the application area. This demonstrates SAFE ID’s central achievement: seamless integration of the three dimensions Holder Management, Credentials Management and Identification Management within a comprehensive information flow.

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