The shareholders of SAFE ID Solutions AG, a global provider of identity management and identification systems, have named Rudi Lamprecht as new Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

He succeeds Alexander Brühl, who is leaving the Board. The other members of the Supervisory Board, former Minister of the Interior Dr. Otto Schily and Count Ferdinand von Spiegel, remain on the board.

Rudi Lamprecht (61) was a member of the Siemens AG Board for ten years, of which he spent the last five on that company’s Central Board. “Rudi Lamprecht’s personality and extensive experience in the global technology business will make him a valuable partner for the SAFE ID management,” said Karsten Neugebauer, SAFE ID CEO, greeting the appointment of Lamprecht. “With Otto Schily as a public figure renowned throughout the world for his contribution to inner security and Ferdinand von Spiegel, a recognized expert in financial markets, and now Rudi Lamprecht as an outstanding management and technology expert, the SAFE ID shareholders have gained a Supervisory Board that is just as top-class as it is professionally balanced.”

In the name of the entire management, Neugebauer thanked outgoing Supervisory Board Chairman Alexander Brühl for his important contribution to SAFE ID’s successful development: “Alexander Brühl accompanied SAFE ID during its decisive phase as a start-up all the way to its establishment as a worldwide provider of identity management solutions. He was always a custodian, consultant and supporter at the same time.”

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