Gemalto has announced that the MEDEA+ ONOM@TOPIC+ project has been short-listed as one of the three finalists for the EUREKA Innovation award. EUREKA is a pan-European initiative uniting 38 member countries with shared goal to support companies and research institutes in transnational R&D projects. The selection by the EUREKA jury demonstrates Gemalto’s innovation capacity applied to two domains: in providing citizens with secure interoperable eGovernment services, and in delivering advanced mobile solutions.

Leading a consortium of top-tier industrial players, Gemalto developed the Sealys Identification Authentication Signature technology. This innovation provides a unique framework for deploying e-identity documents that offer cross-border access to eGovernment services. International Standards support the success of the ONOM@TOPIC+ project.

Towards mobile lifestyle applications, the innovation enables users to securely store their photos and videos in their UICC card and retrieve their personal multimedia content when changing handsets, using a high speed interface between the UICC card and a mobile terminal,. Another aspect of ONOM@TOPIC+ consists of the development of a solution based upon the NFC (Near Field Communication) Single Wire Protocol, which enables mobile contactless applications.

Gemalto is very happy that EUREKA acknowledges the scientific excellence of Onom@topic+,” commented Tan Teck-Lee, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Gemalto. “Our innovations and team work with our consortium partners have led to real-life applications and tangible benefits for service providers and end users. This project perfectly embodies the social role we aspire to play in bringing trust and convenience to the emerging digital and wireless world.”

Gemalto’s vision and investments have shaped reference solutions for all major eID programs currently underway in the European Union. Furthermore, there are over a hundred pilot programs worldwide to  demonstrate the pertinence of NFC Single Wire Protocol (SWP) solutions to deploy services for mobile ticketing, mobile payment or peer-to-peer transactions.

Additional information on EUREKA

EUREKA is an industry-led organization aimed at promoting international, market-oriented research and innovation through the support they offer to small and medium-sized enterprises, large industry players, universities and research institutes. Through EUREKA, these organizations are introducing new products, processes and services to market.


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