At the most important event for Health Information Technologies in France, HIT Paris, smart card expert Sagem Orga (Safran group) is presenting ypsID® Health Key. This unique solution is a strong authentication device that enables people to securely access their personal health records anywhere and at any time.

ypsID® Health Key is an electronic health record in the form of a USB stick token. A patient can access his or her patient records at any time by simply plugging the token into the USB port of a computer. The smart card-based encryption of the portable health record guarantees secure protection of confidential patient health data.

Emergency information can be stored on the portable USB drive of this zero-footprint token – and that can cut casualty rates in case of emergency.

The ypsID® Health Key token can also be used as a chip & pin strong authentication device to access remote health/hospital records or social security/health insurance portals. As easy as “plug & authenticate,” ypsID® Health Key can thus create an online relationship between patient and hospitals, social security or health insurance companies and help improve patient treatments.

ypsID® is a highly secured range of devices designed for deployment in conjunction with enterprise PKI projects. The product range includes advanced features: high-end crypto smart cards (EAL4+, Pris***, IAS ECC, FIPS, PIV), tokens (USB, OTP), readers (contact/contactless) and biometric devices (fingerprints, veins, iris).

Visit Sagem Orga at Health Information Technologies (HIT) Paris, May 18 21, 2010, VIPARIS, Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 1, Booth U71


As well as the head of the Krowne Communications GmbH, Steve Atkins is also the Program Director for the Silicon Trust and editor of the program's VAULT magazine – covering secure ICs, cyber security, contactless, NFC, mobile, blockchain and cloud-based technologies. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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