How safe is your eID from a QC? Find out in Quantumania – VAULT #37

This month, our focus takes an exhilarating leap into the fascinating realm of quantum computing and its profound implications for the world of post-quantum cryptography. Are quantum computers the formidable threat they’re often portrayed to be? Could this mark the demise of safeguarded digital documents as we know them? Brace yourselves, as we delve into the heart of these questions and unveil the realm of post-quantum cryptography. Get ready, because corporations and governments are on the brink of a pivotal moment – planning for the onslaught of next-level security attacks has never been more urgent.

In this captivating issue, we’re immersing ourselves in the very essence of these inquiries. Leading the charge is Robert Bach from Infineon, who fearlessly dissects the grave risks quantum computers pose to the security of digital IDs. Klaus Schmeh and Vasco Gomes, esteemed voices from Eviden, guide us through the intricate terrain of ‘Post Quantum Cryptography on eID documents,’ shedding light on the strategies that will define the security of tomorrow.

Katherine Schuldt of Mühlbauer takes us on a revealing journey, magnifying the minutiae of ‘ID cards under the Magnifier.’ Ever wondered how those images find their place on your passport? Prepare to be amazed.

And then, the pièce de résistance – a gripping dialogue by Dr. Carmen Kempka and Maurice Heumann of Wibu-Systems. In ‘Obfuscation versus Encryption: Friends or Foes?’ they navigate the twisting pathways of digital defense, unraveling the intricate dance between obfuscation and encryption.

We’re thrilled to remind our readers that within the hallowed corners of the Silicon Trust website, a treasure trove of interviews and videos awaits. Explore the theme of Post-Quantum Cryptography, witness the ascent of Quantum Computers, and fully grasp their imminent threat to digital security documents.

Heed our words, for this is not a whisper of caution – it’s a resounding alarm. The tides of change are surging, and it’s high time to be prepared.


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