Something new and positive in identity development is happening throughout Africa! African Identity Stakeholders are cooperating with each other to build robust identity ecosystems in their countries instead of siloed programs. 

ID4Africa will be giving you a sneak peek into that work in progress, through our groundbreaking new series–Country Progress Reports–which premiers on September 23rd, 14:30 CET, with a Spotlight on Nigeria!

On this day, a distinguished panel consisting of decision-makers will meet to discuss their vision, strategy and how they work together to establish a harmonized identity ecosystem in Nigeria.

The panel features:

  • Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Director, ID4Africa
  • Aliyu Aziz, Director General, NIMC
  • Chidi Nwafor, Compliance Director, INEC
  • Adaku Obodo, Assistant Director (Vital Registration), NPopC
  • Musa Jimoh, Head, Payments Policy & Oversight Division, CBN
  • Premier Oiwoh, Managing Director & CEO, NIBSS
  • Hadiza Dagabana, General Manager, NIMCMohammed Adamu, Asst. Comptroller of Immigration, NIS
  • Mohammed Adamu, Asst. Comptroller of Immigration, NIS
  • Grace Usoro, Director, National Databank Management, PENCOM
  • Nasiru Ikharo, General Manager, ICT Department, NHIS
  • Adeboye Adegoke, Senior Program Manager, Paradigm Initiative

Never before has there been a public forum where 9 different national institutions and civil society were reunited to share such insights and experiences.

Don’t miss this milestone LiveCast!  Be on the frontline of identity for development and find out what the challenges and opportunities are. 

Don’t miss the frank and open dialogue among the leaders of Nigeria’s identity stakeholders.  They will argue, they will agree, they will disagree but fundamentally they will engage in a constructive dialogue for the benefit of their country and the identity community across the Continent. 

If you are interested in joining register today at:

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