SC2 is a Broadcom Company.

The SC2 team is comprised of talented and experienced security architects and engineers, combining extensive experience with real world-implementations of Smart Card technology, including Contact, Contact-less and Dual-Interface Smart Cards. SC2 Smart Cards are designed with state-of- the-art cryptographic algorithms and solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of customers. SC2 solutions include e-Health, e-ID, e-Passport, Citizen cards, Signature cards, e-Employee cards, e-Banking solutions including worldwide credit card companies and transportation.

Due to confidentiality agreements SC2 cannot provide information of successful projects. SC2 have won and delivered many important qualitative projects.

Yossi Fixman
V.P Business Development
Phone: +97237657331
Fax: +97236494975
Mob: +972544263758

SCsquare Ltd.
2a Habarzel St Ramat Hachayal
Tel Aviv 69710

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